Friday, September 30, 2011

Winter Garden

Just befor we get to excited about Spring its worth just having a look back at the winter that has just been. For those of you how are familiar with Wellington, New Zealand you wont associate any of the photos below with that city. But this Winter we had a real treat in the form of a generous dump of snow.

Silver Beet and Chard were about the only things that were in the garden when it snowed and as you can see they coped with it quite well. 

 This shot was taken on the first night when the biggest dump happened. I love snow and having moved up from the South Island I thought we would see less of it but this snow storm was as good as any Ive had in Dunedin.

The weather pattern that lead to this was described as the "the perfect storm". There was basically a straight line of isobars leading up from Antarctica right into Wellington, it was as good as being a sub Antarctic island. 
But anyway it will probably be another 30 years befor that happens again so in the meantime its time to enjoy getting back in the garden and the renewed opportunity to grow some delicious food!

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