Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time to get planting

Its time to get seeds into pots and and start deciding what we are going to grow this year. Dividing up the garden into plots is where all the hard work is, but its well worth it. Recycled pallets have been great for making raised beds , the timber is not treated and its free. So far we have Tomato's ( Mini Bell ) Kale, Broad Beans, Oregano, Basil, Beans ( Fire Tongue & Slenderette ) and Bright Lights. An over supply of herbs is the goal this year so lets see how we get on.

You can see where we have used the pallet wood to make partitions and there are a couple of bits that make nice wee herb gardens on the boarder of the bigger plots. Its not going to last for ever but for a free material its not too bad.
With patches of fresh soil exposed we have been looking for something to cover it until the veges are planted. Freshly turned soil is attractive to cats and makes it easier for the birds to catch the worms. It also dries out quicker. Since then we have found a couple of old hessian matts at the dump shop, they will still let the soil breath and keep the moisture in. Tied up bunches of cabage try fronds work as well.

So weve made a start this year, just have to wait for the seeds to do their thing and turn into seedlings.

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