Friday, September 16, 2016

Dwarf Peach

This awesome little Peach tree is the new edition to my lounge. You think of stone fruit trees on semi rural properties but not this little guy. He's already got fruit set because of the warm environment in the lounge (north facing), so as it's on the dinner table we won't need to go far to get a piece of fresh fruit in the morning.

This week's sea food

This week's sea food consists of a good sized Kahawai and some Paua. The Kahawai gets baked with lots of butter and herbs and the Paua gets cut into thin slices and flash fried with butter and garlic.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dehydrating kiwi fruit, pineapple and apple

More dehydrating. This time Kiwifruit - both green and gold, skins on (I eat them with skins on so why not dehydrate them with skins on). Can't wait to try them!

Apple harvest cont.

The first time I tried dehydrating apples I cut them into wedges and cut the core out. Its time consuming but the main thing was that the thickness is uneven so dehydrates unevenly.
Since then I've tried cutting them as chips from top to bottom (see pix). Good result. There's a pic there as well of prep for Apple sauce.
So getting a good amount of fruit preserved here but still plenty more fruit in the bags!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Root Vegetables

This pic is from a while ago now but it's from a garden we had planted a lot of root vegetables in. We got a lot of roast meals out of this plot and I was amazed with how much food came from such a small area. Good inspiration to get another one on the way!

More Rabbit

Another good haul of central Otago rabbits. I saw wild game rabbit meat in common scene organics for $45 /kg so that makes this little session definitely worth the effort.
Rabbit can turn out a bit dry so I cook mine on low heat in a covered casserole dish with lots of vegetables - onions, garlic and any root vegetables. Even with a can of tomatoes. Two hours in the oven and you'll have very tender rabbit that is nice and juicy.

Apple harvest

I was under the illusion that I  could harvest all the apples off this tree. But after filling three large bags the tree still looked like this! I've been dehydrating the extra fruit this year and it's a great way to go. You can us the product for all sorts of things - porridge, salads, or just snacks. But if I'm going to harvest this whole tree it's going to take a major effort to get the fruit processed. Let's see how the first lot goes.