Thursday, August 23, 2012

Central Otago Rabbits

Being lucky enough to have 8 hectares in Central Otago, we have an on tap supply of rabbits. There actually a huge problem down there, eating their way through all of the availible vegetation. But this provides us with a great source of quality rabbit meat. With the price of meat in the suppermarket, it makes it worth while paying for excess bagage on the plane and taking a kilos of rabbit meat back home, which is adsactly what we have been doing. The humble rabbit makes great eating and its suprising how little its eatin in New Zealand considering that we have so many. I know that the food safety authority make it very hard for anyone to bring rabbit meat to martket with a stringent set of rules. It seams a whole resource is going to waiste and causing headachs for sheep farmers who need all the pasture they can get.
So in the name of getting rabbit back on the menu I'll post a few recipies to inspire.
The background on Rabbits

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